Learning the Kiwi Lingo

Kia Ora!

Listening to the locals talk has become a favorite pastime of mine here in New Zealand. However, it can be quite difficult to understand the Kiwi lingo sometimes so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve picked up on thus far. Enjoy!

gray wooden bridge


Dairy – convience store/corner store

“I’ll just run to the dairy”

Rubbish – trash/garbage

Jandals – sandals

Tramping – hiking

“I went tramping up the mountain”

Bush – forrest/woods

“Lets go for a walk in the bush”

Keen – enthusiatic or want something

“Do you want to go to town? Yeah, keen”

Reckon – think/believe

“I reckon it’ll be a good time”

Chippies – chips

Tea – dinner

“What should I make for tea tonight?”

Biscuits – cookies

Nappies – diapers

Mimi – pee

“Do you have a mimi in your nappy?”

Toilet – bathroom/restroom

“I have to use the toilet”

Sweet as – cool/awesome

“How’s New Zealand? Sweet as, mate”

Letterbox – mailbox

Bench – kitchen counter

Torch – flashlight

Gumboots – rubber boots

Togs – bathing suit

Larder – pantry

“Put the rice in the larder”

Boot – trunk

“It’s in the boot of the car”

Windscreen – windshield

Petrol – gas

Takeaway – food to go

“To have here or takeaway?”

Car park – parking lot

Lift – elevator

Trolly – shopping cart

Pram – stroller

Chemist – pharmacy

College – high school

Uni – university/college

Holiday – vacation

“We went on holiday to Auckland”

Bloody – curse word

“That was bloody awesome”

Blimmin’ Heck – nicer way of saying “bloody hell”

Bloke – guy/man

“He’s a nice bloke”

Bogan – uneducated/unsophisticated person

“Those Aussies are bogans”

Caravan – camper

Chook – chicken

“I’ll feed the chooks”

Cuppa – cup of tea/coffee

“Care for a cuppa?”

Fizzy drink – pop


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  1. Bench, dairy, jandals, togs, and chook would all take getting used to hearing. Most of the rest I’ve heard either from a former English coworker or BBC America. And I’m not going near mimi. Glad everything is going well.

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